About Us

Visual Edge Consulting & Software was founded in 1997 to provide information technology services and solutions to the pharmaceutical and healthcare community. Our goal is to execute projects by following standards and principles that many organizations speak to but fail to deliver on in practice.

Our mission provides a simple test by which we evaluate all of our engagements, corporate practices, and business development.

To be the preferred provider of information technology solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

In support of our mission, we maintain the following values…

Domain experience
All of our consultants are experienced delivering our services in the pharmaceutical or healthcare domains. We believe it is essential that our consultants possess a combination of functional skills, industry expertise, and business knowledge.

Client service
Our consultants are incented to execute projects for our clients in a highly professional, responsible manner. Consultants are accountable for the projects to which they are assigned, they are proactive in openly and regularly communicating with our clients, and they are concerned about managing projects efficiently.

Entrepreneurial spirit
Our consultants are leaders who are driven by challenge. Like business owners, they take satisfaction in solving difficult problems and helping our customers to improve the way they do business.

Visual Edge Consulting & Software has always followed, and will continue to follow these basic principles, which allow us to provide high quality service to our clients.