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Visual Edge Consulting & Software offers the following list of books.

Many of the books in the list provide best practices, hands-on techniques, and theory in the software engineering domain in which our services are offered. While this list cannot be comprehensive, and we cannot claim that each of these books is worthwhile cover-to-cover, we do believe that we have learned something useful from all the resources listed here.  Hands-on technical books are deliberately absent from the list as technology is rapidly changing and the information quickly becomes dated.

At Visual Edge Consulting & Software, we believe in maintaining an open, collaborative relationship with those with whom we conduct business.  Many of the opinions we offer, the methodologies we utilize, the processes we recommend, and the things we do to manage our business have been learned from others.  In the past, we have often been asked by our clients and our consultants for recommended reading.  We have summarized this list to make this information readily available.

These books are offered to our consultants as valuable references for shaping assignments and developing expertise in a particular area.  We encourage our consultants to help us shape this list by providing us feedback on the utility and quality of these resources in their day-to-day assignments, and we ask that they assist us to grow and refine this list based on their own research.

Your feedback is encouraged, as we are always trying to improve our understanding of the industry and, in turn, our recommended list.  Please send comments to

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