Technical Due Diligence

Visual Edge Consulting & Software, LLC’s Technical Due Diligence service offering includes a comprehensive evaluation of an organization’s software development processes and/or software product. The standard scope of the evaluation includes a thorough review of the systems development life cycle (SDLC) employed for a project. This review comprises an evaluation of the methodologies, standards, processes, and standard operating procedures (SOP) that are incorporated in the systems development process.

The evaluation is accomplished through a detailed review of the deliverables and work products produced throughout the systems development life cycle, as well as the process itself. Examples of deliverables that are reviewed include the business process analysis, requirements analysis, technical architecture, technical design, quality assurance/testing documents, and configuration management documentation. Further evaluation is then performed on the resulting technical deliverable-the software product. This portion of the evaluation focuses on a review of specific development processes, development tools and the development environment, programming conventions, source code, code security/management, demonstration of the application, and an overview of or brief training on the application.

The resulting deliverables of the Technical Due Diligence evaluation include:

  • Due diligence executive summary
  • List of items audited during the engagement
  • Specific questions addressed
  • Documentation and review notes pertaining to each item audited
  • A comprehensive list of relevant findings by area audited
  • Conclusions and recommendations

The Technical Due Diligence can be performed as part of the process for decisions regarding acquiring or making an investment in another company, outsourcing a development project, or subcontractor review, or as an assessment of internal software development processes and activities. The scope and focus of an engagement can be customized to target your specific areas of concern and to address your organizational needs.

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